Tanikely is a national park and the marine reserve of Nosy Be.
Scuba-diving and snorkelling are very popular here – the reefs around the island are magnificent and home to a wide variety of fish species. But it's also an ideal place for sunbathing.

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Some 55 km north-east of Nosy Bé, Nosy Mitsio offers white sandy beaches where shells are washed up.
Owing to its being the most distant archipelago, it is much quieter and nature is at its best.

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Apart from the visit to the Maki park, which is a must, you will have the opportunity to do some shopping in the village of Ampangorina, where a lot of curios and handicrafts are for sale.
Other activities include sailing around Nosy Comba or to nearby islands and –for the fittest- hiking with a local guide and botanist, 70-year old Madame Yvonne, who will make you discover quaint villages in the mountains.

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Nosy Iranja is the most famous island of the archipelago, with its stunning powder white and brilliant sandbar, an absolute must and an endless source of wonder.

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Hell ville, its market and its scents, the Lokobé reserve and its rainforest...
Mount Passot will enable you to have a panoramic view over the bay, while in the lemur park, you'll watch one of the emblematic animals of Madagascar.

Nosy-Bé would not be the same without the paradise-like islets surrounding it.

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