What a great way to start our Malagasy holiday! Maki Lodge is a little gem perched on top of a rocky promontory on the north side of the island. It's small (only 5 bungalows), relaxed and super-friendly. The rooms are elegant and simple, each with a stunning private balcony that virtually hangs over the sea at high tide. (And cunningly built so that you can't see the other bungalows from your balcony). The manager, Aly, is very hospitable and his team – Lucia, Patrick, Percy & co – are really great fun. (They invited us along to listen to a visiting Nosy Be band at the local bar after dinner on a Friday, as if we were old friends). And Aly even organised for us a special picnic lunch on the beach at the uninhabited island nearby, with chilled white wine and freshly grilled langoustine as we sat with our toes in the sand.

P.S. note that the beach at Ampangorina is pretty – but not ideal for swimming because of the heavy use by the villagers. Maki Lodge – to its huge credit – is working on a beach improvement programme with the villagers. So hopefully the beach will get better over time. In the meantime, hop on one of the lodge's boats to one of the little islands nearby, where the water is beautiful!

Séjour du Avril 2012 - voyage en amoureux